Reviews: Margin Call (2011)

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Published on: October 20, 2011

Reviews for this film from our members:

Alan Bacchus @ Daily Film Dose
Tim Brayton @ Antagony & Ecstasy
Enrique Buchichio @ [Spanish]
Sarah D. Bunting @
Stephen Carty @ Flix Capacitor
Samuel Castro @ [Spanish]
Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
Susan Granger @
Vadym Grygoriev @ [Ukrainian]
[New – 11/16] | MaryAnn Johanson @

  • Excerpt: Wily humor and sly observations about the lives of these high rollers are the highlights. It’s when those give way to issues of morality that the film disappoints, just a little…

Matthew Lucas @ From the Front Row
Jason McKiernan @ Next Projection
Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix
Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews
Cole Smithey @
Amir Syarif Siregar @ Flick Magazine [Indonesian]

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